Civil disobedience should be nonviolent protest to raise public awareness of the usurpation of the republic by a plutocracy, and the consequent economic inequality but it is by definition not lawful. After all, the whole point is to demonstrate the injustice of the law by disobeying it—in the instant case, of the law that steals from the workers who produce wealth to enrich the drones who run financial institutions.

Have we already forgotten Rosa Parks?


John Wheat Gibson Sr - Dallas-based attorney  (via melisaoporto)

Precisely. By being arrested, we are exposing the hypocrisy and ridiculousness that is around us. We all take for granted that we have the power to voice our opinions and be heard or at least be represented. When people finally do stand up, use their voice, peacefully assemble, share their various grievances and are subsequently arrested, that exposes a nonadherance to our own constitution. For, whatever your opinion, whether you disagree with the specific grievances of OWS or not, they are displaying the democratic, constitutional process of attempting to be heard by our increasingly difficult to reach government…and being arrested for it. They are being restricted left and right, pushed further and further from public domains due to “sanitation and health concerns” (oh please, where were city’s concerns when all the homeless vagrants in the occupation sites were scattered around the city?) and lack of (discretionary) permits (even though our CONSTITUTION says that NO LAW shall abridge our right to peacefully assemble and petition our grievances to the government). Ignoring the content of what is being petitioned, the key is how our governments are handling it - in a restrictive, intimidating fashion that inhibits our desire to speak freely. This goes against the very fiber of our so valued freedom. 

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